1. How much is this going to cost me?
    This question is too broad to answer. Every site will differ in size and complexity. Price is determined based on your requirements, so it's best to contact us for pricing.
  2. What if I need to make changes in text and pictures of my web site after it has been developed?
    All the changes in text, pictures are free for 3 months after your web site has gone "live". After that, a yearly maintenance contract is available and that would cover any changes to your site for a year.
  3. Does my business need a web site?
    Think of a web site as a combination of:

    • a business phone line
    • a yellow pages listing
    • a means of communicating with your existing customers
    • a means of attracting new customers
    • a member of your sales staff
    • a member of your marketing staff
    • a member of your administration staff
    • and heaps of other benefits.

    It's the way more and more people are finding or checking out vendors, whether they're restaurants, computer consultants, tree doctors, art galleries, accountants, whatever. The more affluent someone is, the more likely they will use the web to shop for goods or services.
  4. What does it cost me to keep my website "live"?
    The quoted price includes securing a domain name, designing your site and putting it on the web.  You only need to pay a yearly domain name renewal and hosting charges to keep your web site running. A separate yearly maintenance agreement will allow you to make changes and additions whenever you need to.
  5. How many pages should I have or do I need?
    This really boils down to the message or information you want to convey effectively. The answer to this question lies with the nature of your site. It could range from 1 to more than 100 pages although each and every page must have a clear purpose. A typical product or service selling site should generally consist (as a minimum) of the following pages:

    • Home Page
    • Profile (who you are, what you are etc)
    • Main marketing page
    • FAQ (answers Frequently Asked Questions)
    • Pricing / services
    • Contact information
  6. I've seen free web page makers; why do I need a web design service?
    The success of a website depends on planning and designing a site that functions easily and appeals visually to its intended audience. The free web page makers produce commonly used templates, so your site will not be tailored to your needs and it will look like other common, software generated pages. A skilled, creative and experienced designer can create a personalized design that suits your need. It's really a matter of what image you want to project to your audience and the effectiveness you want your site to achieve!
  7. What domain name should I choose?
    This depends on how you are going to use it. If you are going to be telling people over the phone, choose one that is easy to say and spell out loud. Above all, we recommend one that is memorable and not confusing.
  8. How long has Doug-North Design has been in business?
    Doug-North Design has been designing websites since 1999.
  9. Do you work with adult content?
    Sorry, we don't work on web sites containing adult material of any nature.
  10. What if I have signed up with another Hosting service?
    You can always use the Domain and Hosting Service of your choice. Since we will be designing and uploading your site, we will need your login ID and password for your web hosting service.
  11. Should I be a technical person to get a web site built or to run?
    Not at all. All you need to to do is give us your color scheme, logo (if any), pictures and content.